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As a holistic health, fitness, & nutrition coach, I strive to transforms lives, not just bodies. This means going beyond superficial solutions like counting macros and following exercise programs.

Your Coaching Program

While customized nutrition & fitness programs are a part of your coaching journey with me, the most important aspect is the coaching itself. I'll help you develop the necessary skills, through consistent, repeated, and focused action to create long term change and growth.


You'll have access to an online learning and tracking platform, regular check ins with me, and membership in an exclusive (women only) private client support group. 



Don't just take my word for it, hear what others have to say about working with me!

Tiffany has been nothing but positive and so supportive. Through doing coaching with her, I've learned that while I may not do things perfect, it's good enough. I've also come to learn that hunger isn't an emergency. I think for me the two biggest things that have helped me the most are focusing on eating slowly and mindfully.  I was able to lose 25 lbs, I'm really happy with that and I would highly recommend going through coaching with Tiffany. 

Jan W.

Tiffany helped me by guiding me along in the right direction, believing in me and cheering me on. She is amazing, so supportive and helpful. I have more energy, feel better, and went from not exercising let alone enjoying exercise, to working out every day and actually loving it! I lost 19 lbs.

Kori P.

I love how what I’m working on right now feels comfortable, and I’m actually able to do it! Change is scary, and it can be hard. In the past I’d have a diet plan I’d be trying to follow, and it would be so overwhelming. I always felt like I had to follow the plan perfectly and that it wasn’t something I would be able to sustain long term, so I would get really discouraged, and feel like the things I wanted were so out of reach, and I’d never be able to achieve them. Now when I’m working on my goals, it is so exciting to know that they are things I can actually do, and I’m actually accomplishing them! It feels so doable!

Pam H.

Normally going "home" to my parents home is super stressful....I usually eat too much, don't eat foods that are that "great" and survive on Diet Dr Pepper. This time, even though the stress of family and relations were at an all time high, eating and drinking were not a focus point. It was amazing. A huge non scale victory for sure. I imagine that is what "normal eating" people feel! I've lost 19 lbs and counting.

Jenna A.

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